Super Sunday

Ok so today is the kind of day that teases me and makes me want to fast forward until Jazz and I are married. We spent the whole entire day together and I can’t wait to have that all the time. Jazz came down early this morning, looking all handsome in his suit, to listen to me play the harp in sacrament meeting. After church we had some PB and J sandwiches and watched Monster’s Inc. together on the couch– I think Jazz missed a little in the middle somewhere, we are both so tired lately!

We picked up our wedding announcements on Thursday and are working on getting them addressed and mailed out to everyone. I can’t believe how great they turned out– even better than I had ever pictured. They are really perfect. Look for one in a mailbox near you!

Also– I can’t figure out how to make my post titles not so huge. I have tried everything. I feel like when our blog loads there is this heading screaming at you like HEY LOOK A NEW POST and really I would just like a nice, sensible title. Any ideas?

We had some family over for more Settlers of Catan fun. So addicting. Also addicting– the gooey rice krispy treats that we made. We ate them all– the entire batch. And when I say the entire batch, I mean that we made two batches and ate both of them. Definitely a fat kid moment.

2 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. um…. LOVE the blue dress. LOVE IT!


  2. i like the new background but i must say i need an update… reading this thing is addicting! love u kids!


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