Weekend Update with Mic and Jazz

My life in numbers:
10 days until I depart for Europe
350 invitations to address before I leave
50 tablespoons of peanut butter I could eat in one sitting
6 finals until I am BYU-free forever
66 days until the best day of my life

So much is going on in such a short time. Its a tad overwhelming, but way exciting.

Lets see…Conference Weekend was really great. I always underestimate how awesome it is going to be until it is over, and I feel so inspired. We spent a lot of time with my brothers and sister down here in Provo– we have discovered a new game that I freakin love. Its called Settlers of Catan, and it sounds so incredibly lame until you play it once and then you are hooked. Me and Jazz were on a team together and he helped me “strategize” for a victory.

Also– I have pulled out an old friend this week– Mr. Pedometer. Its a tiny little device that clips onto my jeans that tells me how lazy I am. It counts my steps everyday and reminds me to move around. Yesterday was my best day yet at 9200 steps. I want to break into the five digit range..thats my goal today.

Jazz and I continue to look for townhouses near Salt Lake. We have found some that we really like– we are just making sure we have explored all the options. We want to be close to downtown SLC, since that is where Jazz works, but still in a residential-ish area so we get the benefits of a neighborhood. And then there is this whole “where am I going to get a job” aspect of it–that is a fun guessing game.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update with Mic and Jazz

  1. Mic, I feel you on the whole Settlers thing. It’s so nerdy and awesome! Hopefully I will see you this week at Janae’s shower.


  2. When Mark and I started dating I was addicted to playing Catan online! I still owe you some addresses but I need marky to help me find the file as it’s on my other laptop…so I haven’t forgotten! Hopefully we get to see you before you depart for Europe!


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