Weekend Home

Our weekend in California was so fun! We left Thursday night and didn’t get to my house until after midnight, so we were pretty tired. Our engagement pictures were Saturday morning- it was the most perfect sunny day, we spent about three hours running around Redding in different outfits taking pictures. Our photographer, Morgan Kennedy, has done all of our family pictures since forever- she is the best. She was so much fun. If you want to see our photos (which you do. they are so cute) go to morgankennedyphotography.com and enter the web site. Click on clients and enter our password of sumsion1. You should be able to view our whole slideshow!

It was so nice to spend time with my parents. We got to tell them all about our wedding plans show them my ring! I miss my parents- honestly I love being home. My mom is such a great host, its like being at domestic disneyland. I loved seeing my lil dog too- he is such a great cuddler, and he really likes Jazz. I’m hoping maybe someday he can come and live with us in Utah after we are married.

We took some adorable pictures- in the airport, in my backyard, of fluffs in his tuxedo– but I lost my camera! I think I left it in the rental car (which was a very classy station wagon) but they haven’t found anything. Hopefully it will turn up because I really want those photos.

I feel like we were so spoiled for four days- we got to be with eachother almost all the time. It was so hard to come back to utah and drop Jazz off- I just can’t stand it. Can’t we be married already?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Home

  1. I realize that you, Micci, don’t know me… but I am posting anyway!!! πŸ˜‰ Jazzy does, and knows that I’m a little nutty. Anyway, just thought I’d say what gorgeous pictures those are! Good luck picking just one! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen SO many good pictures of two people. You are both very photogenic! I am looking forward to meeting you, Micci, and Jazzy… yooou, doin’ that thing you doooooooo!! xoxoClancy


  2. Glad you guys had such a nice time home and I’m really glad that our Jazzy has you!!!Good luck finding your camera and picking your photos! The kids love the formal one in doors of you laughing!!!PS Clancy Rocks!


  3. Hey Micci and Jazz!Thanks for showing the collective us off!! I found you on a link to my web site. Your portraits will be up for a few more days, then we have to remove them to put on other clients. Glad you’re enjoying them!! Thanks again for coming all the way to Redding to be photographed, I had a great time!Love ya,MorganP.S.Love your wedding count down clock!


  4. Oh my gosh!!! Love Love them. Especially the one with you guys in the field with your eyes closed micci. Beautiful! Jazz how did you get so lucky! πŸ™‚ -Shellie


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