Spring is here

Ok so– so much stuff has happened in the last couple of weeks! Let’s be organized here…

1. I made a ham. Yesterday for Easter, Jazz and I cooked an actual ham, like in the oven! We scored it and put cloves in it and then cooked it for like four hours while we were at church. We made a glaze and basted it the last like hour or so– can I just say– it was so tasty! I was so proud that we actually pulled it off. We also had jello salad and cheesy potatoes and rolls. After dinner we played chicken foot and ate Morgan’s tasty strawberry pie. Overall it was a great Easter spent with the family.

2. I think last time I updated I mentioned that I misplaced my camera on our trip to California, I think I left it in the rental car. Anyway, we have been calling back every so often to see if anything was found, and they found it! They are sending it here to my apartment. I am so happy because we had some fun pictures while we were home, and now I’m just so glad we didn’t lose them. Phew.

3. We registered for our wedding! We went to Macy’s on Friday night and ran around the store, picking out bedding and China. Saturday we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to register for kitchen gadgets and other housewares. Jazz was so helpful with the scanner, he even snuck in a few surprise items such as a snow cone maker. It was really really fun to make our wish list for our home, but there were a lot of decisions to make! Our registries can be viewed online at http://www.macys.com and http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com- just search for our names. (Or Jazz added links in the upper right section of our blog to each wedding registry.)

4. In other wedding news…invitations have been ordered! We get to see the proof tomorrow after 4 pm, and then they will be printed within two weeks. Then we get to address them all and get them out before I leave for London. Its going to be a busy few weeks for us!

More to come.. I promise I won’t wait so long to do an update. As soon as I get my camera back I will post some fun pictures from California.

3 thoughts on “Spring is here

  1. indeed – i need more updates, more frequently!!! haha. love it. can’t wait to see your invitations and fun pics! xoxo


  2. wait a second…that picture wasn’t posted yesterday!!! IT’S ADORABLE!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!You guys are the cutest


  3. Wow! What are you going to London for? That’s awesome they found your camera!Still looking forward to meeting you, Micci! 🙂 Jazz… you lucky dog! 😉


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