I love to shop…

We decided to extend our stay in California, so we are leaving Thursday night to head to California. Can I just say- I am so excited! We did a lot of shopping this weekend- Jazz was such a trooper. We found some really nice shirts for him to wear in our pictures- and we also found a suit! Its a really beautiful grey suit- he looked so good in it! It will be ready in time to take with us this weekend. I love to shop, its my favorite. We also stopped by to pick up Jazz’s wedding band that had come in at Shane Co. He is so cute– he just wanted to wear it all day. Of course, I wouldn’t let him wear it outside of the store (its bad luck, right?)

btw- side note. everyone needs to know about my favorite chinese place, Joy Luck on State in Sandy. Chinese food is like, my fav. Its my weakness. Its the first thing I splurge on when I want to stray off the wedding diet. Seriously we go there every week- We usually get the same exact thing- Cream Cheese Wontons, Potstickers, and Sesame Chicken. Its always really fast service, and is sooo tasty. I think I had dreams about it last night..thats why I was thinking about it. ok anyway…

Update on the fam: everyone is good. My brother Sean and his wife Rachel are going to San Deigo for the summer- he is opening a new Kaplan teaching facility down there. Scott and his wife JaNae are expecting a baby girl in May. (I get two new nieces this summer!) Sabrina is in London at the BYU center until the middle of April. Morgan is plugging along at school, doing really well. Mom and Dad are in California enjoying the 75 degree sunshine.

More to come after this weekend and our engagement pics!

3 thoughts on “I love to shop…

  1. here’s a comment:a. i love you. b. i love your blog.c. i love that you’re getting married.d. i miss you terribly. e. Hi Jazz!


  2. I get so excited when you post! I guess I need to do a better job chatting it up with Jazzy as I didn’t realize you were going to Cali this week. i have the girls dresses and we’re definitely going to need to get Kay Mo the next size up! They were both playing dress up and are so excited to be a part of your big day!!! I love you and your darling red shoes! Some times I even think that Jazzy butt is kind of cool ;)xxoxbv


  3. Ok, first off the chinese place sounds delicious, so we will go when i get back! I am so excited that you are going to California to have your pictures taken. You get to hang in the sunshine and chill with fluffs!!!! So exciting! I hope the pictures go great (which they will because you are you). I love you both and have a great time in Cali!!! Also, I just figured out that I was suppose to be commenting on the blog, so this is new to me. I promise to be better in the future!! Love, Sab


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