End of school

We made it through the year! Covid meant no on campus visits, no in person meetings with the teacher, no back to school nights. I wonder if this will ever return to normal or if virtual will replace reality. Kind of a bummer. I usually try to work in the classroom a little bit so I get a vibe of the teacher and kids and stuff but it wasn’t allowed.

Isabelle had Ms. Whitson- maybe one of her all time favorite teachers. (So weird I haven’t even met her) Izzie made her the sweetest flip chart for the end of the year “50 Things about Ms. Whitson.” It was pretty cute and I’m so proud she is mine! I take zero credit, I swear she came this way, we have often joked that I accidentally gave birth to Sabrina’s kid. Sorry, Sabs. The last few teachers have really pushed Izzie ahead as far as math and reading and I think it has given her a leg up going into UPrep. Teachers are so underpaid and undervalued I wish I could give them all a Hawaiian vacation at the end of the year.

Lincoln had Mrs. Zedonis- now she really is MY favorite teacher, I love her energy and I know that she doesn’t take any garbage from the kids. Lincoln missed MANY recesses because he was running laps for excessive talking. Sounds exactly like Linc. I appreciate that from her, she is the best of the best. Would love to send Thatcher through her class in a few more years.

Thatcher had Miss Emily at preschool and loved her! He will go and talk to her at church and say hi- it’s a small preschool with just a handful of kids. He grew so tall this year and his little face doesn’t look like a baby anymore, sad face. He worked really hard to learn how to spell his name- it’s a lot of letters.

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