Well, this is going to be the mother of all photo dumps. Mexico was FUN. The kids are such great ages to take places, traveling was relatively smooth even with masks and covid protocols. Everyone did great. We drove down super early, flew from Oakland to PV, loaded all of our crap into huge vans and made it to the resort. Travel day is LONG. and then you get there and it is so hot you just want to jump into a pool immediately.

Our days consisted of breakfast in our room, lots of sunscreen applications, and then down to the pool or beach for as long as possible. Sometimes we had rest time in the afternoon, sometimes we just powered through the day. This is the first vacation we have ever taken without a napping baby and I gotta say I really see the light at the end of the tunnel! Ironically, we are starting back over at that tunnel but we did enjoy the flexibility of our schedule for awhile.

The resort itself was pretty busy, busier than I thought for Covid times but I think everyone was doing the same thing- making up for lost travel time! I felt so pregnant on this trip but now it’s making me lol because I feel SO PREGNANT now I could never do that trip at this point. I can hardly roll over in bed.

The kids went off in groups- took turns on the slide and the lazy river. We just bounced around from pool to pool- Thatch did great swimming, I was really proud of him. The kids painted pottery, had their hair braided, and had special beach shopping time with Grandpa. El Hefe.

On Wednesday, most of the older kids went to a pretty sketchy but succesful water park nearby and Izzie got to swim with dolphins, maybe the highlight of her entire life. I gotta get those photos from Sean! I stayed behind with Thatcher and we had a pool day.

We also saw our sweet friend Blanca. She works so hard working in hospitality at the resort. We keep in touch year round and she was so excited to see I am pregnant. She’s got three beautiful kids who are almost grown! We would love for her to come and visit us in the US but she said it is so hard to get a visa to come and visit. Costs a lot of money. It was also really helpful to have three Spanish speakers on this trip, because my spanish is no bueno.

This was the first time we had allllllll been together in a really long time and we had so much fun. So thankful for this trip! We all cried when we had to leave. I really hope heaven is like one big family vacation with swimming and tacos and card games- that sounds real nice.

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