Baby Girl’s Fetal Echo

Still blows my mind that this is happening. In a week. Literally seven days. Well, I gave away all of my baby girl items last fall. All of my maternity clothes too. IRONIC? YES. I’ve had so much fun shopping for this little babe, so much has changed in the 12 years since I last shopped for a girl.

The first week of June we drove down to UC Davis for our fetal echo and anatomy scan. We waited a long time for this appointment, I think I was something like 26 weeks along when we finally got it down. I was thrilled to confirm that she is indeed a lady baby and soooo relieved that her anatomy scan looked perfect. I was so nervous to talk to the pediatric cardiologist, but he said she looks great. So much relief. She was measuring right on track, perfectly healthy.

Isabelle wanted to make some burp cloths for the baby so I pulled out the sewing machine and fabric bucket- most of the fabric I had purchased in 2014 to make things for Maxwell who we thought was a girl. At 32 weeks we learned he was actually a boy baby, and the pink and purple flannel material went into storage.

Was like a full circle moment cutting out burpies from the same pattern I used when I was pregnant with Isabelle. In that tiny basement apartment in Sandy, working half days towards the end of my pregnancy. Cutting and sewing by myself. And now Izzie is here and she’s basically a grown up and she made burpies for her sister she has been waiting a decade for. Cue the tears.

Since our appointment in June, things have been going well. I have fully stocked her wardrobe for the first 18 months of her life, lol, and have an excessive amount of shoes ready for her. The bassinet is set up, diapers purchased, hospital bag almost packed. I can’t believe we are here after all of this time. I can’t wait to see her cute face.

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