Finally do what frozen things do INNNN SUMMMMMERRRRRR!”

Snapshots from our summer. It was a really good one. I really hope my kids remember summer like I remember my summer breaks from school- swimming and friends and cookies and just a lot of fun. And practicing, mom always made us practice. My very favorite part of summer is the slow mornings. No lunches being packed at 6:30, no frantic search for folders or lost socks or water bottles. Just nice and slow. Isabelle did an art camp, Linc did tennis camp, rock band camp, ninja camp- the busier he is, the better.

In June, we also got to take a group of young women to the Medford Temple for the first time. What a special day for Izzie! We drove a van full of girls up and did baptisms for the dead and then had some ice cream and headed back home. Hard to believe she is old enough to get a temple recommend. I’m so glad I got to go with her for her first experience.

Lots of swimming, dinners at Grandma’s house… Grandpa blew up a kayak for the pool one day and I thought we were going to die laughing. Thatcher got his kindergarten shots and was super brave. I continued to get bigger and bigger during the hottest part of the year. Super fun.

The neighborhood was hoppin’ this summer- kids coming and going at all hours. It kept my kids very entertained. Such a big difference from our last house! I don’t think I realized that I was missing that kind of community until we moved here and saw how happy the kids are with some friends around. For sure there were times when I was like ALL DONE, time for everyone to go home! But mostly, seeing the kids so happy and have some independence was really awesome.

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