Spring break, April 2021. I was so itchy to get out of town, I planned a five day MOMVENTURE with the kids. Were they excited? No. Even less so when I told them we weren’t bringing screens. GASP HORROR. Once the complaining tapered off it was like hey see it’s fun to hang out together. WE WILL ENJOY THIS, DANG IT.

Leg one was a jaunt down to Elk Grove to see Sabrina and her family. We hit up the zoo, played at several of their insane public parks, had chic fil a and crumbl, cousin sleepovers and bedtime stories. The kids loved being with their cousins and I loved bein with Sabs!

Leg two was a day hiking in Muir Woods north of SF. We did six miles through the trees, so happy to be outside, and then had pizza delivered to the hotel and swam in the hot tub. We def took a wrong turn at some point and headed up the side of a mountain in Marin on a one way residential street and had a great view and tour of the area, lol. Muir was busier than I thought, and everyone was wearing masks on the trails.

Leg three was a day in San Fran- Golden Gate Bridge, Cal Academy of Sciences, Lombard Street, Ghiradelli and a dinner visit with Leigh and Diana. We really tried to pack it in! I’m sure there were snappy moments and arguing and rolled eyes but mostly I remember it being fun and happy and I love my kids and they are my favorite people to hang out with. Also, I am proud of myself for taking them and packing and unpacking the car and feeding them and filling up water bottles and keeping shoes together and all the things. Jazz is so helpful and though I am capable it is way more fun when he is with us.

From insta: I had to hide tears behind my sunglasses as we headed home. So thankful to be out, to do fun things, thankful for beautiful weather and the ability to travel. For healthy bodies and a reliable car and these kids that I get to spend my time with! I know these trips are so special. Spring Break Success.

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