ten years

From Instagram October 22, 2020:

“I packed these things away ten years ago with so much hope for a sister for Iz. I just knew I’d have tons of kids and all these clothes would get used and worn out. I was pregnant many more times, several times with girls who never quite made it to earth. Moms of littles! I know it feels like you will never have any time to brush your hair or run errands alone or exercise by yourself ever again! But you will– you will, and it’s kind of bittersweet. No one told me this part would be so painful. I Marie Kondo’ed the hell out of things and THANKED them for the memory of the day Izzie wore that dress at Disneyland and remembered the sparkly shoes that she loved to put on by herself and folded the soft footed jammies she took her first steps in. So thankful, and now time to pass them on.”

We’ve had a storage unit for all of our kid related stuff and all of our holiday decorations. When we moved into this house the idea was to get rid of the storage unit and purge all of our stuff and keep the minimum. It took me days and days to go through 15+ bins of baby girl items- blankets, clothes, shoes, dress ups. Some stuff was just zapped from the heat and went to the trash but I sorted and made big piles of usable things and was able to give them to friends and family. Did I cry? YES I DID. But I do love seeing Izzie’s hand me downs on other kids, it just makes me happy.

There were a few things that I couldn’t part with, things that maybe I thought I would hang on to for Isabelle to have with her children. At the last minute I went out to the garage and grabbed these pink shoes back out of the donate pile… I just couldn’t do it.

Fast forward a few months later…. we found out another girl was coming to the family.

I’m so thankful I have a handful of things that both of my girls can have in common. A tiny pair of newborn jammies, a red Christmas dress. Swaddles, burp cloths that I made way back before Izzie was born. Blows my mind a little bit that I’m going to have kids in three different decades… and that when this baby is in kindergarten, Isabelle will be graduating high school. My heart will explode when I see Isabelle holding her sister after waiting so long for her. Agh. Can’t wait.

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