Halloween 2020

Halloween! Post lockdown Halloween was a little bit different. We really didn’t know if people would be handing out candy or if we would get big time judged for sending our kids around. I felt like the kids needed something FUN and REGULAR and NORMAL so we just did Halloween the best we could. Thatcher wanted to be cat boy from PJ mask. It was awesome and every costume for a four year old needs a tail.

Isabelle wanted to be Ginny Weasley but not just average Ginny, Quidditch Ginny. Amazon does not carry this genre of costume and Grandma Cindy stepped in and said oh hey I bet we could throw something together! I don’t know how many hours she spent on Izzie’s costume- so many details and hand stitching, she cut up football jerseys and an old leather jacket and went to work. I’ve never seen Isabelle so happy or excited. It looked professionally made, totally custom to Izzie! It hangs carefully in her closet, I think we should frame it and hang it up somewhere. Museum style.

Linc went as Ben Roethlisberger from the Steelers, his favorite team. Amazon came through for this one.

We carved/painted pumpkins and then went to Mom’s for dinner and a show. Izzie and Madilyn sang “I Put a Spell on You” from Hocus Pocus. Mom always has pizza and sloppy joes for the masses! This year she went as Winnifred Sanderson and really went all out. Even had the teeth. She is the Halloween icon around here and we love her! We hit mom’s neighborhood and decided anyone with porch lights on was fair game. The kids brought home a haul and then sorted and traded at Grandma’s house.

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