Horcrux hunt

In October, the City of Redding put on a Covid friendly scavenger hunt that was Harry Potter themed. I immediately signed up because hello, that sounded super fun. We gathered our Harry Potter aficionados (those who had finished all seven books) and it ended up being so much fun! It was like a scavenger hunt set up all over town, with different clues that included HP and local destinations.

We got our instructions and got ready to start… and we were like wait are we competing or should we just take it slow and have fun? LOL so cute that we even thought we wouldn’t make it a race. We really did fly around town as fast as we could and took first place in our group, second place over all. The girls loved it and we won a bunch of prizes and got butterbeer and chocolate frogs. Obviously, HP apparel was mandatory. Isabelle’s dream come true.

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