November 2020

I remember sorting candy post trick or treating and making special piles, trading with my siblings, eating probably more than I should have. The kids love to spread theirs all out and see what gems they got.

November is generally when it becomes acceptable for me to be outside again, lol. It’s always so hot through the summer and all the way through September, then it finally starts to cool down. With the big kids in school, me and Thatch did a lot of laps around the preserve, trips to Target, games at the coffee table. I didn’t really plan for my kids to be so spaced out but I’m sure grateful for the one on one time I have had with each of them.

A lot of these pictures are just regular life with the kids. Surprise, that is my life 99% of the time! And that is great with me.

We were challenged to use the hashtag #givethanks on social media for a week in November. Here are some of mine:

  1. Bitzer dug a hole and went on an adventure today without his collar. I’m so thankful for the family and friends that came over and spent hours looking for him. I’m thankful for technology and for all the people that shared the information that ultimately helped find him and brought him home safely. I’m thankful for answered prayers- even seemingly small ones like lost dogs. It didn’t feel small to us today. (*stupid dog, this was one of the worst days and my kids were so distraught even though he is a mean and naughty dog. We were very sad and worried he would be hit by a car because he is dense as a brick. Handsome, but dumb.)
  2. My parents. Generous with all of their resources, time and talents. They have five kids and twenty grandkids and they make every single one feel special. Always up for an adventure, a day on the lake, a trip to Disney (it’s so exhausting.) Above all they study the scriptures, are obedient and love the Lord. They radiate the light of Christ, and I would be lost without them.
  3. Izzie is our first born and has taught us so much. Our first year with her was HARD. She cried a lot and hardly slept and despite that I knew I wanted ten more babies. I worry that I didn’t do enough with her, the tea parties and dress ups and messy makeup- she’s so grown up already and time is slipping through my fingers like sand. I feel a lot of pressure to raise her and to remember to teach her everything– to prepare her for the hard, the sad, the unfair. I also want to wrap her in a bubble and protect her from it all. She is such a light and I’m so proud and thankful for be her mom.
  4. This may seem silly but I am so thankful for my bed. I have always, always loved my bed. I have Steve, this ridiculous body pillow that travels in my suitcase with me everywhere I go. Once I forgot it in a hotel in downtown SF and Leigh picked it up for me and rode BART with it. And then she mailed it back to me. Nothing better than getting into cold fresh sheets at the end of a busy day when my bones are tired. I’m thankful for a body that can work hard. This is my happy place.
  5. Diet coke with lime. Pebble Ice. My washing machine. Grocery pickup. Sliding doors on my minivan. Dry Shampoo. My sneaky pantry door. Stretchy jeans. Amazon prime. Wonderful neighbors. The Crown on Netflix. Seat Heaters. Funny memes. My favorite orange lip color. This little corner of my house. All the things that make my life easier or better.
  6. I give thanks for my family. For Jazz. He always puts me first. He works hard for our family. He is the FUN dad. For my beautiful children. What was my life before them. For Max. For all we learned through his short little life. I can’t wait to see him again. For my siblings and their kids. For my in-laws and PA relatives. Proud to carry on the Sorensen name. Really won the lottery with my fam.
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