Lincoln’s 9th Birthday

Lincoln turned 9 on January 14th.

There’s a lot I could say about Lincoln. Those who know him, love him. He makes us laugh, he has a tender heart deep down there somewhere, and he’s always ready to cut a deal. Mostly I want to remember him at age 9 with his green crocs, Steeler’s jersey, with a “bye Mom,” wheeling a suitcase full of hot wheels down the driveway to collect his neighborhood posse. I can hear them coming before I see them. Dirty feet and bathroom humor and arguments about who is the best at anything. I love being Lincoln’s mom. Freckles and that one dimple, forever.

Linc loves chicken nuggets maybe more than anything on earth, so we had everyone over for a chicken and waffles party. And donuts, always donuts. No cake for this kid.

On Saturday, Grandpa took Linc and his neighborhood buddies out on the trail in the Talon. The boys took turns and watched all the motorcross kids zooming around. We packed a picnic, it was a pretty great day.

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