January 2021

Made it to the current year! Halleluah!

Heading back to school after Christmas break is always a bit rough. It’s so dark in the mornings, no one wants to get up. We said good bye to all of our cousins after being with them non stop for 2+ weeks. Tears were shed.

I packed up all of Christmas and put it back in the storage unit. I love holiday decor but it’s always nice to get a fresh clean slate.

I forced everyone to go up to the snow one weekend for sledding. Everyone always drags their feet when I present them with an adventure but then they end up having fun and loving it. Linc was the most daring, he wanted to go all the way to the very top of Eskimo Hill! Probably could have used another few feet of snow up there lol but it worked out. A week after that, we had the lightest dusting of snow here at home. Happens like every other year or so, but it’s always a treat. They cancelled school for the day because of roads, and my kids were dressed and outside by 7 am. It’s so warm in California that most of the snow was gone by the next day, just turns to slush by the afternoon. Our backyard hill was perfect for short sledding though!

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