Baby Five

Well, we are three weeks away from welcoming our last baby into the fam and it feels like I have both been pregnant forever and also that this year has flown by. A few days after Christmas I got the faintest positive test. After tracking and testing for two and half years, this was a real surprise. We sort of had given up? That this would happen? I just felt like our family wasn’t complete, I even looked into foster care for awhile. Nothing felt right. I had several positive tests over the years but the lines would get darker for a few days, and then fade away. This time however, the lines got darker everyday and I had this glimmer of hope that this might be it. After three weeks I finally told Jazz, lol. He was… shocked. We had our first ultrasound and saw a tiny little flicker of a heartbeat.

The first trimester was a mixture of so much hope and so much worry. We have had many sad ultrasounds over the years and every time we went in for another scan, I thought I was going to be sick in the waiting room. Every time though, that little flicker was still there, the baby looked bigger and measured right on track. I spent many mornings and afternoons on the couch, sick and tired but really thankful.

At 12 weeks we told the kids. I could hardly squeak the words out, I was just so excited especially for Isabelle. The kids couldn’t believe it. At 14 weeks we got our panorama results back- I met Jazz in the parking lot of the hospital and we clicked on the link together. Normal chromosomes, gender: female. Cue all the sobbing. Feels to good to be true.

Bless Dr. Kang. I’ll never be able to repay her for all the kindness and care she has given us over the years. She is not currently working OB patients, she has stepped back and doing all GNO services. But, she kept seeing me for months and months, at first it was to get to 12 weeks, then 16, then 20. Then to our fetal echo appointment down at Davis. Finally we transferred to Dr. Williams at about 28 weeks. I miss her, but she has so generously offered to be at the c-section as the second physician. I could just cry thinking about it- I know if she is there, we will be okay.

Anatomy scan and echo down at UC Davis went well- this sweet baby looks perfect in every way. At 28 weeks I tested positive for gestational diabetes (cmon now really.) and have spent the last two months monitoring everything I eat and testing my blood sugar four times a day. It has sucked. I mean, it is great in that I am eating healthy, not packing on extra weight, and keeping my numbers in check. But it has sucked as far as no birthday cake or bowls of cereal or comfort food. I’m sure I will be thankful in the long term but for now I just miss the freedom to eat like a pregnant lady.

We are getting close to the end now- our date is scheduled for September 3rd. I will be 39 weeks pregnant, this babe is measuring two weeks ahead and there is a chance they will move me up a little bit. I have a little station all set up with diapers and clothes and tiny baby things. Softie jammies and little hats and the cutest swaddle blankets. It doesn’t feel real that we get to do this again, and I think it won’t be real until she is in my arms and home with us. I didn’t really plan to have children 12 years apart, but here we are.

I am hot and uncomfortable and nothing fits me anymore, we have a countdown going. We are as ready as we can be. Soooo excited to meet her and see her cute face!

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