July 2020

July! Apparently Thatcher took a lot of naps because there are like ten different pictures of him sleeping on me. I think it was also the month we cut off the paci? Or close to? It was rough but nothing like getting Lincoln off of it, he needed a 12-step inpatient program.

Well, most stuff was closed down for the entire summer. We did hit up waterworks a few times because they were like YOLO we are still open. Stores were closed, shopping was closed, all the things = closed. No camps or music programs, no art camp for Izzie either. It felt like an eternal summer. We thought things would be back to normal by the time school resumed in august. (LOL.)

We did celebrate some birthdays, unpacked most of the house, and we swam a lot. We did a really cute Fourth of July Parade and all the kids decorated their wheels and bikes and took off down the street, it was pretty fun. An annual tradition.

This is from my Instagram: I hope my kids don’t think back on this summer and remember lockdown. I hope they remember lots of swimming, cousin sleepovers, days at the lake, masked trips to target and Homegoods, movie nights, being together, church at home. Memorable for all the GOOD.

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