Moving in! Hallelujah

Mitchell is moving!

We got the okay for occupancy and the first thing I unpacked was the pantry. I’ve never had a pantry before and putting stuff on shelves felt like the most luxurious extra space ever. I just kept saying “this is so weird to be unpacking stuff, this is so weird.”

I can’t add captions to the pictures so just gonna do it here real quick.

That weird triple pic is the rendering from the architect design site we got the plans from, followed by someone else’s version of the house, and then our version.

Closet space! Shoe shelves!

Thatcher’s first night in his bed and his first bath in the big tub.

Our first dinner as a fam in the new house.

Neighbor’s galore! I swear one day I made over 100 chicken nuggets.

And the upstairs loft is proving to be one of the greatest things we ever did- it is so nice to have a place for them to play/watch a movie/make a mess that is separate from our regular family room. It is WONDERFUL.

We just hit a year in the house and we are so happy, so thankful. We love this neighborhood! The kids ride their bikes around and I’m not worried about cars or homeless people or anything. It’s quiet, we are so thankful for some space, I’m thankful for great air conditioning and the music room and also the pantry. It’s close enough to my parents’ house that the kids can ride their bikes and scooters over! The preserve is literally across the street from us. There is nothing I’d really change about the house except for the placement of a few electrical outlets, and I think that’s pretty good for all the decisions that we made. I’m sure everyone was so sick of me talking about everything and scrutinizing every detail they were probably really happy when it was over.

Every season and holiday and milestone that we pass makes me more thankful for this house and everything in it. It’s a perfect place for my family to be together and to have people over and I hope that they always feel that our doors are always open.

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