June house progress

Sorry, this is the last house progress dump because after this WE MOVED IN.

Finish work is the most fun work of all the work. It started looking like a REAL house. As they finished odds and ends, we got ready to move in. Sometimes I would come over and just clean stuff because it felt nice and I wanted to and it was technically mine so I could. Coming over at night to walk through the house was my favorite part of the day and after so much effort from so many people and skilled tradesman and our super patient contractor I was just really overwhelmed with gratitude. I learned so much about the whole process and I think one of the silver linings of it taking a long time was that I really got to narrow down a lot of details. Lots of time to mull over choices and go back and edit them. I’m thankful our marriage survived too because there were some compromises made for sure.

We bought the land in June 2017 and we moved into the house July 2020.

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