SUMMER! To be totally honest it was probably the longest summer in history. The kids got out of school in march due to COVID (well they moved to distance learning) and didn’t go back in person until the first week of October. Of course we didn’t know that in June, we were just happy to get off of zoom and packets and have some freedom.

Cute Sabrina was due beginning of themonth and finally had teeny tiny Parker (like, less than six pounds!?). He had some trouble adjusting to life on this side and ended up in the NICU for awhile- we had her kids at Grandma’s house while she was recovering and helping Parker bust out of baby jail. Thatcher loves Grayson and the kids all played so well together.

Buuuut seven kids is no joke. Hilarious.

Sun up to sun down chasing kids, we survived and we laughed a lot and there were some less than satisfactory meals but we did it. Occasionally we put Aubree in her high chair and gave her a bunch of sprinkles to keep her busy. Desperate times, desperate measures. Sometimes I would take Aubree in the stroller and walk around the preserve and over to the new house to check on stuff and meet with subs. They were always so confused when I had different kids different days, lol.

Oh, I must tell the story of the rabbits. So one day there’s a knock at the door- one of mom’s neighbors had a cute little bunny in hand. She said something like “I have this bunny I rescued and I know you have pets so I thought you could take it!” If you know my mom, you know this is the opposite of the truth. Lover of many things but pets is not one of them. But she’s the nicest human ever so she accepts this random rabbit. Sure, no problem. We call Sean because he actually does have rabbits and he brings over a pen and some food and like whatever else rabbits need. We set it up in the front yard because Bitzer’s domain is in the back yard, remember we are still living there. Someone drives by and sees the rabbit pen and I kid you not BRINGS US ANOTHER RABBIT. We are now up two rabbits in 48 hours, PS I am allergic to them.

The kids loooove them, they are super cute and cuddly, but we finally rehomed them to some friends. They were both girl bunnies and Linc cried sad tears when they came to pick them up. Ironically, several months later, this friend went out to her bunny pen where they lived and there were BABY BUNNIES. So, turns out they weren’t both female. Just a great story all around.

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