May house progress

Another photo dump for my memory.

After the cabinets went in, the countertops and sinks went in. They started on the floor. I think maybe floor was the most I have spent on any decision ever in my life. There are so many options, and we did the same floor throughout (except kids bedrooms) so I wanted to be TOTALLY SURE it was THE ONE. They were so super nice at the flooring store they let me borrow and take home so many samples to compare them in the light with the cabinets and everything.

After the floor, stuff happened quickly. Vanities, sinks, faucets, lighting, fireplace tile. We had our finish carpenter build our fireplace mantle and I just taped out exactly what I wanted, measured it all out, showed him some pictures, and he built it. People are so talented, I appreciate that kind of stuff so much more now.

Exterior was almost done at this point, they put up the stone and did the grout or whatever it’s called outside. Mortar? Maybe that. We got garage doors too, and house numbers. So many details. Pretty sure this is boring for everyone but me. It just consumed so much of my brainpower for two solid years, seeing it come together in real life was kind of awesome.

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