Moving out of Marlene

We listed our house on the market a few days into COVID lockdown April 2020. We really didn’t know what was going to happen, we were a bit nervous about selling asap since our new house was already underway. I figured it would take 1-3 months to sell, and if there was a little overlap that would be okay. We could take our time and move out when the new house was ready for us to move in. That date kept changing but I figured it would be close. LOL. oh Micci.

Well, we had one showing and the house was under contract in three days. They buyers wanted a 15 day escrow (yikes) but we told them we needed 30 days! Agh. Jazz rented one of those moving pods and we packed it to the brim. Threw some stuff in our suitcases and headed to Grandma’s. Bless my parents for opening their home to our crew for what was supposed to be 2-3 weeks and turned into almost two months.

Also, moving really is the worst. We were packing and cleaning and locked inside most of the time, the kids were doing distance learning and had packets of work. And then the actual moving part- that last 10% of stuff is so miserable and I just wanted to make a big pile and light a match. I felt like I went through stuff as we went! We got rid of a ton of stuff, it’s just a lot to pack up. I never want to move again.

We all did one final walkthrough and poor Izzie just was SO sad, she was just bawling. She has spent 99% of her life in this house and she gets so attached to things. We found her in her closet just cryin. She has such a tender heart.

From my instagram: Ten years in this house. Christmas mornings, epic birthday parties, new babies, a ridiculous dog. So many meals and play dates and movie nights. We’ve filled the space and the rooms with kids and memories. Max existed here. Lots of happy and sad and growth and healing inside these walls. It’s bittersweet handing over the keys to a new family., I hope they love it as much as we did.

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