April house update

April was a big month for house progress! Once all the structural stuff is done, the fun stuff starts to come together. Our walls were painted (an agonizing decision that required many trips to the paint store.) and all the trim painted too. I’m so happy with the color! Then cabinets started- THE BEST PART. A lot of our house budget was dedicated to cabinets and I love our cabinet guy so much. Even after being here a year, every cabinet is perfect and I really do love everything about them. He was really patient to work with me on style and size and color and every thing. I really wanted a sneaky pantry door and it took some engineering on his part but he totally pulled through. Noah Martin Wood Design, btw. Would recommend 10/10.

I popped by everyday, peeked in on what was going on. Everything was so exciting. You sort of choose things separately, then cross your fingers and think welp I hope this all turns out and comes together! It’s kind of blurry to remember now, but it felt long and having patience was hard when I just wanted to fast forward through the waiting part. Now that we are all settled in, it’s hard to remember that struggle. I’m sure there was complaining involved.

Anyway, photo dump.

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