August 2020

Big photo dump for August.

We started school….. from home. Distance learning for the big kids, I can’t remember because it is sort of blurry now but I’m pretty sure it was part time? Packets and zooms and stuff? I do remember it was not particularly fun. But, I was thankful for some in person school time, even if the kids had to wear masks. Like, we have a kitchen drawer with lunch boxes and kid’s masks. Just the essentials.

Thatcher started preschool with Miss Emily and he loooved it. We were heavily covered in smoke for several weeks- I mean like dense campfire smelling smoke from the wildfires, ash raining down everywhere. It was pretty depressing. One day I told Thatch we were going on an adventure while the big kids were in school- he came out of his room totally naked with his backpack on, arms full of clothes. We put our feet in the water (Crystal Creek Falls) and threw rocks in the stream and it was so nice to be outside.

Also, and because this is extremely important it deserves a paragraph, Morgan told me that it was time for me to grow out my bangs. After like eight? years with like pretty dense straight across bangs, it was time. It’s been a year of bang growth since then and once we got past the awkward stage (seriously like five months) it got better. I do miss them occasionally, they still feel very “me” but apparently it was long past time to move past that trend. If you ever need someone to be blunt, call Mo. She will handle it.

It’s hard to describe how our lives changed when we moved to the culdesac. This street is gated, it is quiet, it backs up to a running trail/big walking loop. There are a lot of families in the neighborhood- like a quick count gets me to 16 kids within the nearest eight houses. There are a lot of little knocks at our door all throughout the day, kids coming and going and running amok. My kids ride their bikes and scooters around to their friends houses. We have a big group text basically saying “Hey can you send my kids home?” Back and forth on a daily basis. I can not stress what a change this is from our other house. I knew we were missing that community component, but it has really been such a blessing for our whole family. My kids have more freedom and autonomy without it being scary or dangerous (well, that I know of, and for now. #Lincoln.) Keeping them busy and happy makes everyone else aka me happy. I just make a lot more pb and j’s and dino nuggets than I used to.

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