the one with running

I always joked that if you saw me running, you should run too because something had to be chasing me. I say running lightly because it’s more like jogging (“with a soft j. Yogging.”) Last fall I starting going out early in the morning and doing intervals very slowly and pretty soon I could do a whole mile without stopping. Then a whole lap around the preserve. I am not a small person by any means, so this felt like an accomplishment to me. One day I went to the Sacramento River Trail and just started with no intention of doing the full loop, but once I got so far it was tempting to finish. I did six miles (not fast, but still without stopping) and two full hours of jogging which I never ever in my wildest nightmares did I think I could do. I was so proud of myself! Some days it was too smoky, and some days I didn’t make it out, but for the first time in awhile, I felt like I was gaining some of my pre-baby fitness back. My times got a little bit faster (still slow by any standard) and my pacing better. I even ran on Thanksgiving morning to earn my pie.

In December, I got THE COVID, which is another whole post, but I struggled to run after that and though the holidays. And then just after Christmas, I found out I was pregnant. Exhausted, sick, lacking all motivation, my jogging ceased. Now I am 500 pounds and 2390 months pregnant and the thought of jogging makes me actually die inside. Seeing all these photos gives me hope that someday I’ll start trying to jog a whole mile without stopping, and it will click again.

Man, we sacrifice so much for our babies.

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