January 2020

Alright, on to January. We took the crib down. I told Jazz to get rid of it as it seemed we were done with babies. He stuck it in the storage unit, bless him, and we will use it again with this new baby. I have hovered over that crib for so many nights! Thatch moved into a twin size bed with shark bedding. He loves sharks.

I wrote this about Lincoln on January 4th: Just a little ode to Lincoln. This kid is just hilarious. Swag, style, super mouthy. Into Pokemon and football. Talks constantly. Dislikes clothes. Refuses long pants. Loves to play games. Loves jokes about butts. If there is a flaw in the system or a tiny loophole, he will find it. Just can’t imagine our family without this loud ray of neon sunshine. That picture of him in the car- I pulled over to get gas right after school pickup and turned around to find he had already disrobed. He is hilarious.

He turned eight on January 14th, and we did a party for him at the trampoline park. Probably the most I have enjoyed a party- I did basically nothing and it was totally worth it. He has got such a great buddies, I am so thankful for them. Donuts for cake because that is Linc.

Also, I should note that he got the WORST case of poison oak I have ever seen. He was miserable for many many days and really the only thing that helped was Zanfel, which is approximately one million dollars a tube. Next time skip all the other crap and go right for the good stuff. Poor kid.

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