Disneyland 2020

I can’t believe this was a year and a half ago and that we haven’t been back to Disney since this trip! Agh! My kids look so much smaller in all of these photos. We had an AMAZING trip with everyone- the whole entire fam. Of course we had to do matching shirts. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge had just opened up and we were so excited to go see everything. OI have to admit I was not thrilled with Disney announced this new land- I am such a Disneyland loyalist this felt like a bit of a sellout but, Disney only does things 10000% percent and they really executed it so well. I’m sure they care so much about my opinion.

Also these pics make me miss my bangs and my lashes and my non pregnant body. And like, pants.

Getting boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance was a little bit insane. We had to coordinate TO THE SECOND. Scott got through first and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him so happy. Totally worth it, the ride is more like a 30 minute experience, blew us all away.

I remember eating a lot, walking a lot, being so super happy about Disneyland. It just really is is my most favorite place on earth. Every time we go the kids are at a different stage and we appreciate a different aspect of the rides or shows or food or something. Isabelle and Madilyn are getting allllmost old enough to go off by themselves and do the things they want to do, and that blows my mind a little bit.

We are scheduled to do Disney in September but I’ll only be three weeks healed from a c-section so the plan is for me to stay home with baby girl but I am a little worried my soul will waste away and die while everyone is there. FOMO is so strong. Can’t I just sit on a bench and nurse the baby and eat churros and macarons?

Also wrangling 32 people in matching shirts for photos was HILARIOUS. 20 kids, 12 adults. It was my parents 40th wedding anniversary and it was a great way to mark the occasion. What a legacy they have created!

(Some of the photos got cut off but I think if you click on them it makes them big. I am not an expert.)

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