2nd half of December

Alright the second half. Isabelle wanted a cookie decorating party with her friends- so I planned for the 23rd like A CRAZY PERSON. They decorated sugar cookies, then Grandma came over did her famous rendition of The Grinch. And then we made SLIME. 48 hours before Christmas morning. If this doesn’t get me into the heaven then I give up.

Christmas Eve dinner at Mom and Dad’s like usual, crab and clam chowder. Love that tradition so much! We did the live Nativity reading too- when we started this, we had zero kids and all the adults played the parts. Now there are so many kids, the parents just get to watch and giggle at the sheep and the Wise Men with crowns sliding off their heads.

Then Santa Dave came by on his way to the North Pole to start his Christmas Deliveries. I can’t remember if I’ve written down this story but it needs to be recorded. One day my mom went into the Hunt’s Electric, a small motors repair shop. (As one does.) This nice man named Dave took care of her. She said- hey you look a lot like Santa Claus. If I get you a suit and pay you a hundred bucks, would you come by on Christmas Eve? What size are you? And boom, Santa Dave was born. This is my mother you guys, if there is a will, there’s a way. So Santa Dave shows up with Christmas bells and a bag of candy canes and the kids take turn on his lap- he is the nicest guy and actually we found a connection through a mutual friend and he came to the Preschool for us for the last few years too.

I do remember that this was the year I had wrapped zero presents by ten PM on Christmas Eve. Never again, I learned my lesson. My wrapping job was sub par, barely passable, but it got done. Soooo tired. Looking at the living room before I go to bed always makes me a little teary, we have so much, we are so blessed, and making magic for the kids is so rewarding.

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