Last Christmas season in our little Marlene House!

Feels silly to be thinking about Christmas when it is July but whatever. Alright I remember some fun stuff happened that month.

We put up all our Christmas stuff mid November. I will defend this until I die, I do not care. I figured out what works best for my house. Holiday stuff goes up before Thanksgiving, EXCEPT the tree. The tree goes up the first week of December. This is the way.

Looks like our house was framed and the dry wall was up. Roof completed. I wish I had blogged more during the process because it really was so fun to be so involved, I think I was on site practically every day. I learned so much, I can see why people build more than once. We are NOT those people, we are never moving again. #movingistheworst. When the slab was pored and we walked the house, it didn’t seem like a big enough space. Then the framing goes up and the walls go in and it’s like, a real house. Space becomes real, the ceiling height seems ginormous. Doors, windows, then the siding. I had so much fun agonizing over and losing sleep over the most minute things. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent pouring of the internet for things.

What else what else, we had a church Christmas party. My kids are as big as Santa now so that was weird. We made a lot of cinnamon rolls for friends and fam, Izzie helped me a bunch. We had a super fun Christmas playdate at the Pagan’s house with gingerbread houses and shaving cream. I remember being particularly wiped out by the time Christmas rolled around- there is so much to do leading up to it and I’m sorry Mom that I wasn’t more helpful when I was a kid. Moms do so much invisible behind the scene work, it’s insane.

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