Preschool for Thatch

Thatch did his first year of preschool at the Redding CoOp last year, in the 3’s class with his BFF Rhett. I mean, what more could a kid ask for. The thing I love about this school is the stations- everyday there are different stations set up with a coordinating theme for the week’s lesson. Sensory bins, science stuff, arts and crafts, snacks, circle time, and an outside playground. It’s pretty great. Just wanted to dump some photos from the year to remember.

Also, if I had a dollar for every photo I have of one of my kids sleeping… I’d be able to fly into space like Jeff Bezos. They just look so sweet and peaceful, I miss the paci face days. (Not that much, he’s practically five now.) He loved to just chill in his sleepy sack after his naps too so he would like walk around in a sleeping bag and wear holes in the bottom. His little giraffe that he calls “One Baby” has a rattle in it, so I can always hear Thatcher coming before I see him. He still loves the taggy on the giraffe- he rubs it between his fingers. When he was a baby he did it so much he would get little sores on his skin! Now that he isn’t napping and he is so tired at night, he basically passes out. Love him so much.

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