The ham lottery

Honestly one of the best days of my life.

Every day since Hamilton started a residency in San Francisco, I would play the lottery. It was part of my daily routine. Wake up, brush teeth, play the lottery. One day after months and months of playing, I got the email that I actually won two tickets! FOR TEN DOLLARS EACH. They give you 24 hours notice, so it was for the following matinee. We figured out child care asap, I’m pretty sure I would have abandoned my kids on the side of the road to make that show.

It’s a 3.5 hour drive down, we got there with plenty of time. I’d seen the show before, but Jazz hadn’t, which was really fun. We went to the box office and maybe the attendant could see that I was oozing excitement from my pores, but she handed me our envelope and said “oooh lucky, front row!” I am not exaggerating when I say I almost wept real tears right there. But that would come later.

Front row. Center stage. *Crying emoji* for three hours. One of the greatest performances I have ever seen, we were so close, so many details I had missed before. We were right behind the conductor and GOOD GRIEF I could see the score (500 pages) and follow along and if that wasn’t the greatest high of my musical life I don’t know what will be. Ugh and then when Philip died “I did exactly what you said, pop!” Tearsssss oh man like had to stifle my face so I my sobs wouldn’t escape. Take me back.

George Washington stole the show for me, he had this huge gospel belt that was unreal and when he sang One Last Time at the front of the stage he was like six feet from my face. As we were leaving the theater we saw him sneaking out the back before his evening performanceand he was so kind to stop and take a picture with me as I was like blubbering who knows what out of my mouth to thank him for his talents.

Anyway, besides the births of all of my children, this really ranks up there as a highlight for me. I’m such a nerd for live theater and this whole cast was amazing, to see it up close was once in a lifetime kind of experience. Would love to relive this day- 12/10 would recommend, five stars.

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