Happy 10th, Izzie

A DECADE. How do I have a child that has turned ten, I just don’t understand. (Now she’s 11, lol)

Isabelle is the kind of kid everyone wishes they had. She is super smart, considerate, has the best laugh. She includes people, is polite, is a fantastic reader. She loves people. She is a collected of THINGS bless her, she is constantly organizing and cleaning her room. She loves Harry Potter. She loves her brothers, even though one of them drives her absolutely crazy.

She’s insanely responsible, gets herself up every morning and gets dressed. She is in charge of all of her own homework and reading assignments. She can basically run a computer better than I can.

She wanted a Descendants birthday party and we had all the girls over for Movie Watching Pajama Party. One of the easiest parties we’ve ever done! I’m really thankful Isabelle has this sweet pack of friends who are honestly really nice and considerate and have a great time together.

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