Preserving family history

I have felt some guilt pulling me back here to document our family. I use this blog so often to search for pictures or events, to keep track of dates and people. I’d really like to keep it going! It will be impossible to remember everything and catch up completely, but I think some is better than none. Lots of photo dumps. Lots of imperfect general information. Agh where do I even begin. January 2020? January 2021? lol. Do a month a post? Does anyone care? I guess I am doing this for me, so.

I think one of the best parts of keeping a record like this is it serves as a baby book of sorts. I keep track of dates and weights and other important milestones. We’ve got a baby coming in five weeks (seriously!) and I’d really like to continue this whole journaling thing for her too. It’s only fair.

NUTSHELL. Since my last post we built the rest of the house! Yippee. Lot’s of choices and delays and patience. Had another miscarriage. Sold our house. Moved in with my parents for a few months. Finished a school year on lockdown from COVID. Finally moved into our new home and have been here a year already. Saw two pink lines on a pregnancy test (or twelve!) Been monitoring this one real closely, had a fetal echo down in Davis and all seems healthy and well. It’s a girl. More than I could ever ask or dream of. So close to the end now, I can’t wait, we are so ready to meet her.

But picking up where we left off- Halloween/ Thanksgiving and other November 2019 activities? That feels like a lifetime ago.

The kids chose their costumes: Linc was Link from Zelda (which I’m not sure he has ever played? Pretty sure he picked it because it was funny and also, yellow tights.) Izzie went as Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter, and Thatcher wore the Mater costume we’ve been hanging onto just in case. Grandma Cindy dressed up as the Michelle Pfeiffer from the new Malifacent movie. We had a big pizza/sloppy joe dinner at mom’s and then hit the neighborhood.

Linc finished his soccer season. He says it’s his favorite sport, but he says that about any sport he is currently playing. Thatcher got his preschool photos back and he looks like he is running for mayor.

In November I won the Hamilton lottery again. As I was making plans to jet down to San Francisco, Morgan’s newborn was hospitalized for fever, cough, and RSV. Instead of ham I hopped a plane to Laredo to watch her other kids. I say this not to show what a saint I am, but more to show how much I must love her to skip out on Hamilton tickets. I got to hang with Margo, Archer, and Fitzy until Gus came home feeling much better. We watched garbage TV and ate peppermint milkshakes and McDonald’s fries in the humidity to help Gus breathe. It was so fun, and I’m so glad I went.

Thanksgiving at my parents’ is always one of my favorite days of the year. We eat my favorite food, hang out with my favorite people. My mom always does a huge game of Bingo after dinner and everyone wins a prize.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is matching pajamas. I will do this until the day they refuse. We used to give them on Christmas Eve, but then the entire season is over and it seems silly. Definitely give them to the kids EARLY so you can wear them as many days as possible.

Okay my goal is to catch up before the baby comes. Yikes. That already feels unreasonable but it is SO hot and I am really so uncomfortable at this point I spend a lot of time inside, this should be a good activity. Also, so is sleeping.

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