in which I make no guarantees.

Well, in a blink we skipped right over 2020.

In hindsight we really didn’t miss that much, with the pandemic and all. It’s the longest break I have ever taken from the blog. Is this really a blog. More of a personal record of my family. And it came to pass that now it is February 2021. We live in a world where masks are required. We even live in a different house. THE HOUSE GOT FINISHED. I grew out my bangs, very major. Isabelle entered the Young Women program at church. Lincoln was baptized. Thatch grew a bunch and started preschool. Will I fill in the gap of 2020? Probably not. Maybe some highlights- Disneyland, birthdays, moving day to the big house. Stuff like that. Maybe. I guess keeping up the blog fell off of my plate when it felt more like a chore and less like a fun outlet. Also, building a house took all of my brain power. Sucked dry. Reboot, refresh, we are gonna try again. No guarantees though.

For my first trick, I am going to post a bunch of family photos. Kara Stewart took these on a freezing 30 degree morning, bless her, after I had to reschedule because the second round of children’s clothes I ordered had been delayed. Everyone needs a friend that can reschedule around outfit difficulties.

It’s been awhile since we had family photos- couple years at least. My children have grown so much. Isabelle is nearly as tall as me. Lincoln’s little face has gotten longer. More freckles. Thatcher looks like a kid and not a baby anymore. It’s really trippy, having kids and then watching them grow- there is not enough on this part in the baby books I read. It hurts.

If you click on them, you can see them big/scroll through them. (I say that to the three people who will read this.)

The end.

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