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We are in full swing school mom mode. Field trips, cross country races, soccer games… aka my car is a disaster at all times. One of the best perks of being home with my kids is the ability to do this kind of crap- I spent many years NOT being the volunteer because #babies but this year I’m in a really good place to be around more. Lol, not TOO much because cmon I’m not THAT mom but you know what I mean.

Linc also finished his fourth season of soccer and like total sideline screamer talking here but he really turned a corner and is understanding more of the game, how to pass with his teammates, how to hustle etc. And he did cross country which is TOTALLY new to us, not a runner over here but he worked really hard and as far as I’m concerned any cardio activity is great for my kids. He is getting taller- his clothes are getting roomier in the waist but shorter on his long legs. Also, I dropped him off at the preserve on Saturday and he rode his bike around the loop to Ryder’s house where they proceeded to run almost three miles for Halloween candy. LOL.

A couple weeks (probably months.) ago I went with Lincoln’s class to turtle bay.

Fieldtrip day
totally thought this was great


Thatcher had a field trip to the PUNKIN PATCH, as he calls it, and it’s one of my favorite things to do every year. Just so festive, you know?

buddies forever
petting zoo
best day


found the perfect one
cross country


beautiful sky at the soccer park


watching Linc run
getting good on the balance bike

Thatcher comes with me to Isabelle’s class every Wednesday to help some kids with their reading fluency and poor Thatch is just so ignored and gets no attention, lol. I wish I had the laughing emoji on my keyboard because turns out I use it a lot on instagram, it comes in handy to convey sarcasm. Here, I just say lol but I really mean the laughing emoji with the tears. Good talk.

so cute
after school reading

OH AND ALSO. This one is important. Isabelle and I finished reading the seventh Harry Potter book together. I’ve been reading it out loud to her and we had to stop several times to bawl our eyes out together in my room. One of my best memories with this girl is sharing my love of HP and she is totally hooked. Last week she declared Harry Potter Week and wore a different HP shirt to school everyday, complete with matching earrings, necklaces, socks, and any accessory imaginable. Love her so much.

oh this girl!
haircuts for everyone


I love this one. Should frame it.
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