Happy 3rd Bday Thatcher

Thatcher turned 3 with a Toy Story birthday at Grandma’s house. Thankfully, we had one final hot weather weekend so everyone could swim and play outside! I love our house but we’ve outgrown it with so many cousins and friends. There are 19 grandchildren now, 15 of them live in CA and we able to come to celebrate Thatcher. Isn’t that amazing!

Thatcher at three: Sleeps in his sleepy sack in his crib (when we move he will upgrade!) he still loves fiddling with his taggies. His favorite food is cereal, chicken nuggets, yogurt, any kind of fruit, and grandma’s toast. And long live fruit snacks! Still can’t get him to eat pasta which is so weird to me. His words are soooo cute and he keeps cracking us up with his little phrases. He says the “yuh” sound for the “l” sound  so love becomes yub. I yub you, he says. Or, don’t yeeb me! (leave.) He asks “What time is it?” and “what are we gonna do today?”

He is super into doing puzzles and putting things together/taking them apart. He looooves reading all of his favorite books and we get more at the library weekly. Loves to be outside on his bike or the trike or the wiggle car or literally anything he can sit on. His favorite shows are Toy Story 2 and Super Wings on Netflix.

At Target he walks around every aisle looking at the toys and says “OH MY HECT! Oh my HECT!” The other day I had a headache and jokingly I asked if he could kiss it better and he said, “My kiss can’t get in there!” Another time I made him lunch and asked him to come to the table and he wasn’t quite ready so he said “I want it when I want it!” He can’t remember the number three and skips it when counting every single time. One Two Four Five Six.

His best friend is Rhett and he tells everyone he comes in contact with. Rhett Rhett my best friend! We carpool for preschool (which is heaven) and watching the two of them run circles around each other is just really great. No other kids exist and that seems totally fine by Thatch. We are loving our little school, really glad we decided to put him in even though he is little. For him, it’s more like organized social time for six hours a week, half of which I am there anyway. Songs, snacks, outside playtime… really how could you go wrong.

I love him hard and thankful every day for the rainbow at the end of our storm.






he picked donuts! lol
love the crowd of cousins


fav jammies
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