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Welp, new record. I get on a roll and do a couple of posts in a row and then I slack and then two months go by and I get even more behind so I just pretend it doesn’t exist and I don’t have to think about it. I didn’t even post about Pennsylvania! Or New York! Ugh.

Let’s get up to speed here.

I started a back to school post in August but LOL. It’s October. So, yeah we are back in school. It was an adjustment for sure, Isabelle did not get the teacher we requested but allllll of her friends did. Bless her heart, she has done really well but also it’s hard as her mom to see her sad and lonely and feeling left out. Fortunately they adjusted some lunch time rules and she can still sit with her crew and they are so sweet to wait for her at recess. All is well. We just celebrated her tenth birthday which means I’ve been doing this kid thing for a decade which blows my mind.

Linc likes his teacher, although he is missing his buddies too. Super proud of him for reading a ton and making new friends and also doing cross country for the first time this year. He’s really stepped up in soccer and they are actually working on plays and defense and working as a team. I love watching him, and he loves winning. Won’t be so easy next year when he gets bumped up to the U10 age group. He is hungry all the time and would eat around the clock if I let him.

Thatcher. OH THATCH. My little sidekick. Doing preschool two days a week, best friends with Rhett. Loves reading, riding his bike. Turned three a couple of weeks ago. All of these things warrant their own post so I’ll work on that. He is saying the funniest things and his personality just gets better and better.

House. Not gonna lie, it’s slow going. Trying really hard not be frustrated when houses around our build are getting totally finished and we don’t have a roof yet. HOW. We had a pretty big delay with the roof but seemed to have ironed it out now- high winds this week so they roofers won’t work on our steep pitch. Maybe by Christmas we will be all dried it. *Eye roll emoji* It will all get done, and when we look back this time won’t feel so long but right now it’s hard to be patient. I think I’ve got the flooring picked finally, and have spent hours with our tile people (bless them) and the finer details are getting finalized! That part is fun. On Thursdays when Thatcher has preschool and I don’t have to be there, I spend 3-4 hours running around town doing ALL the things for the house.

Well, that is all my life consists of: children and the new house. And Jazz, who I still love and am thankful to be doing life with. Now he can’t feel left out. We are just at the slippery slope of seasons and like everyone else on the planet, I love this time of year. We’ve already done the pumpkin patch and put the spooky decorations up in the house. Bring it on!

Lincoln, 2nd grade
Isabelle, 4th grade


Thatcher was SO sad.
I needed to document this so you know what a good mother I am.
Finally his turn!
“pack pack”
with his best pals
car nap. ery’day
i spy buns
looking more like a house
circle time
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