an accidental second summer post

Lol, I totally thought that was all the pictures from our summer but turns out that was only June. Face palm. I’m gonna do some more picture vomit here and call it good. We are about a week into school and things are going well, I willllll say I miss the slow mornings. It has taken me six years to tolerate going from completely asleep to making lunches in about 90 seconds… I find if I set my alarm five minutes before I have to get up, my brain can acclimate to the disappointment of morning. I’m kidding, I’m glad it’s morning and I didn’t die in my sleep but I sure could use another hour in my bed, you know what I mean.

Both kids did not get the teacher we requested and both kids got separated from their circle of friends. So, not ideal this year but we are working through it and trying to teach good lessons and stuff. Hard not for me to mama bear bulldoze the way for them..  I don’t think it’s very helpful in the long run. And maybe I’ll be surprised and we will end up loving these teachers the most. Thatcher is going to start the CoOp after Labor Day! He is going to LOVE it- it’s only a few hours a week and his best friend will be there and it’s so cute and hands on. It also means that about once a week I will have three hours to myself! Do all the things! Probably just move the laundry and clean up breakfast and it will be time to go get him but lol. It will be nice. Schedules are nice. Friends that carpool are nice. Air conditioning is nice. Peanut butter Halo top is nice. There are a lot of things that make me glad that I didn’t accidentally die in the night and then in the morning I get to make lunches for my kids. 7 lunches down, 173 to go. (Times two.)

Fitz’s face! his hair is to die for.
The bestworst dog
lol Lincoln
Sorry I couldn’t pick one.


Donuts in our garage
Our first lemon cucumbers!
Free slurpee day
Waterworks, every tuesday
Really thinks he owns the place


Lake day with the Pagans


Little pals


one of his favorite places
always in their undies. Also, cars have been one of the best toys across the board. Always fun.
best part of everything. he is getting so big. 
checkin out grandma’s berries
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