what summer looks like

Well, summer is over.

I have to say, this was a totally different summer for us. Usually we have swim lessons for 6 weeks and tons of free time and me pulling my hair out quite a bit. Maybe it was because we had a couple of big trips or maybe it was because my kids are getting older and less difficult to entertain. I don’t know, all the sudden the summer is totally gone and I feel like it had just barely started. We bowed out of swim to be with visiting family and take those trips and I don’t feel bad about it at all. It was a really nice break.

Isabelle is nearly ten, so realistically we are half way through all of our summers with her. That makes me sad. We had a lot of play dates, cousin sleepovers, trips to WaterWorks, crafts and reading for her. She read Harry Potter 6 over the summer and now we are reading book seven together (It’s kind of grown up and scary and people die so like, maybe I should navigate that with her. Also I kind of want to make her wait for two years to read it because THAT’S WHAT WE HAD TO DO.)

Lincoln is highly motivated by screen time. And by screen time, I mean the Nintendo Switch. It’s like a virtual carrot dangled in front of him, that kid will jump through hoops to earn it. He also loves to ride his bike and spent a lot of time with his bff Ryder, cruising the preserve and riding up the dirt hills behind our new house. I’m excited for him when we move, having a best friend across the street is going to be life changing. He is already planning walkie talkies and how to meet up asap.

Thatcher, bless his little heart, is just so sweet and happy to do whatever every one else is doing. He can ride his wiggle car the entire length of the preserve trail. That’s 1.4 miles! He always naps well those days, lol. He really warmed up to swimming with his puddle jumper on and is getting braver in the water. He also loves going on Grandpa’s Boat. He is our resident strawberry picker and hoards all the berries. He is still napping 1-4 everyday, so guaranteed we are home, and he still loves his paci and his tags. I care this much (  ) that he is nearly three and still has a paci. Did you see the part where I said he naps three hours a day. NOT MESSING WITH THAT. Even if my mom makes fun of me every time she sees it. YOLO.

In June, we had a two week visit from Morgan all the way from Mexico I mean Laredo. Sabs came up too, that was a great way to kick off the summer. We had a girls trip to NYC around the 4th of July, then in late July we took the kids to the East Coast for a family reunion/sightseeing adventure. Two weeks after that, school started. Aaaaand I am back to packing lunches. I’ve been running around crazy trying to do my part for the house, coordinating cabinets and tile and door knobs and the weirdest details I had no idea existed. It’s been so fun and a little stressful and we are sort of learning as we go. (Waiting for a change on the dormer and then we move to roofing I think? And insulation? HVAC is in!)

We’ve only been in a few days, so we are getting used to the school routine. Early mornings, early bedtimes with the sun still shining. I love having my sidekick all to myself again, but he definitely misses his siblings. Summer, you were good to us.


he is delightful
Margo is here!
lottttts of kids.
grandma’s kid bunks
trying to squeeze as many kids as possible in grandpas hot tub
matching for church


so many games
little pals!
we went through a lot of Popsicles
slow mornings for snuggles
keepin it casual
more swim days
Big Buster visits
so much swimming
waterworks passes
big slides
I told Lincoln if he made a basket from the diving board, the whole length of the pool, we would go for ice cream. took him many tries but he did it!


All the heart emojis
Sorensens and Williams
Izzie helped me make this super tasty cobbler from farmstand berries
when everyone is playing nicely…
summer storm with the never nude


go karts at grammas
lego table at the library
so happy together


visiting Max’s park, all dusty and hot
waterworks shenanigans
just a buffet of fruit for this kid.
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