Oakland Temple

Back in June, the Oakland Temple had an open house before being rededicated. When there is an open house- all are welcome to walk through and see the beautiful interior of the temple. We had tickets for the last day of the open house.. we were all a little tired of traveling but I’m so glad we went.

We stayed over in Vacaville the night before which actually was the worst hotel experience we’ve ever had. Well, second worst. (We don’t speak of an overnight in Oakland with baby Lincoln.) I’m officially too old to have people partying in the room next door and you know I marched down to the front desk to complain (along with several other people!) Eventually, the whole rowdy room got thrown out and we finally got to bed after midnight. Super helpful. Look, if I can hear the expletives of your music through our shared wall, it’s too loud.

Anyway, we made it to the temple about noon Saturday morning. It was really busy, a little bit hot, everyone was hungry (should have planned lunch first.) but we made it through. I thought the changes were beautiful, everything inside was so pristine and clean. I haven’t been to the Oakland temple since I was a kid- we used to drive down to do baptisms before the Medford and Sacramento Temples were built.


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