House Update

We’ve seen so much progress on the house over the last month or so! Framers have been working sooooo hard out in this super hot summer heat. We had trusses delivered a couple weeks ago so we drove over to watch the crane truck work. It was so fun. This whole plan has been on paper for so long, it’s amazing to see it take shape in real life. I keep looking at it like whoa, this will be my home for many, many, many years.

This week we worked on finalizing the doors and windows, selecting moldings and trim, and figuring out door knobs. Who knew hardware could be such a hot topic! So many choices, choices upon choices upon choices. It’s really fun, I hope everything comes together like we want it to. Sometimes I wake up at night worried about the decisions we have made and more than once I have called someone the next day to change my mind.

After the framers finish all of their part, we move on the electrical and plumbing. We go over almost everyday to see the progress, what is new and has been worked on.

Truss day!
Pals in the kitchen nook
Making so much progress!
the view from the hill behind us
everything is so pretty at this stage
garage and loft above
this outfit is the best… standing where the island will be
loft! bonus room for the kids. So excited about this, one of my favorite things about this house.
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