Oh man, how embarrassing is this. My last post was about Halloween. Face palm.

I’m not gonna lie though, the holidays were BIZZAY. I had a lot on my plate and this is something that fell through the cracks and I’m okay with that! Something had to give, and I’m gonna do my best to catch up. Pretty sure Morgan is the only one that still reads this… so it’s for my family journal, and for Mo. Hey Mo.

I wish I had some awesome update about the house. After three months, we got our official building permit on December 10th. Since then we have had rain… and more rain. We haven’t even broken ground yet! Trying my best most hardest to be patient! Once they break ground we are lookin at 6-8 months to get everything finished and move in eventually. I hoped we would break ground before the rainy season because once the foundation is poured, a lot can be done even in bad weather. Alas, ear wax. We need about 3 weeks of sunshine to dry up the lot and make it safe to dig and move stuff around, so we wait.

Kids are great. Thatcher is hilarious, I want to film him all day. Lincoln keeps us on our toes, has more energy than his body can handle. Isabelle is the most thoughtful kid on the planet and so helpful and kind.

Thanksgiving, all of our festive Christmas activities, the passing of Jazz’s sweet dad, family photos, dear evan hansen, a soggy disney trip, harp, Lincoln’s 7th birthday, comin’ in hot.



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