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We finally had some family photos taken in the fall to update our walls since Thatcher joined our posse. Organizing family photos…. takes me awhile. Gathering ideas and clothing for everyone in the right sizes, making sure haircuts get done, everyone has clean shoes, clothes ironed, hair done makeup done IN THE CAR GO. Candy for bribery- 100% yes.

Jazz loves family photos so much, he wishes we could have them monthly. (sike.) It’s always so worth it to document our little fam though. I’m usually pretty cool until like the two hours before when I’m trying to do everything and get everyone ready and clean and then feed the little people but make sure it’s not messy. You know what I mean, it’s total chaos. Organized and controlled chaos.

BUT I WILL SAY. I have two dear friends who I love so much and they are both amazing photographers and we alternate between them for our photos and having a friend on the other end of the lens is LIFE CHANGING! We’ve had some realllllly memorable sessions. Once I was so late/lost I thought we had completely missed our window and I cried in the car. Once we had to stop mid-session because of the rain. ONCE OH ONCE. Lincoln was the biggest turd ferguson, we literally couldn’t get any pictures without him screaming for his paci. We had to reschedule the entire thing. I was so embarrassed. And we all remember my glorious and joyful birth pictures with Thatcher. I sure am thankful for my friends and their talents.

Izzie, 8 months


Linc, newborn
Isabelle, age 2
Lincoln, 6 months


Fall 2013, pregnant with Max
Lincoln, almost 2
Isabelle, age 5
the infamous shoot
Fall 2014, wearing red for Max
Fall 2015, Isabelle was 6 and Linc was almost 4


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Thatcher is born.
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In recovery, same room as I held and loved Max. All the feelings.
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Happy Birthday Thatch
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day 3
Thatcher newbies
one of my all time favorites
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Thatcher, six months
Thatcher, 1 year
Izzie’s baptism
she’s just so pretty
Thatcher cake smash

Welp, I was just going to post a few of those and then slippery slope I just sobbed my way through years and hundreds of photos and our new family pics will have to come tomorrow.

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