house update

this is our lot. across the way there.


So, since the last update we’ve made some progress. Our plans came back from the city (after six weeks) with minor changes, one of the being to the upstairs loft area so we had to get some adjustments from the truss people. The plans should go back to the city for final approval in the next few days and then five business days after that, we should have a building permit like WHAAAAAT.

Once the building permit is in our hot little hands, they will break ground, dig some holes and stick some pipes and stuff in there. Obviously I know what I’m talking about here, it’s all very official.

Things I’m working on: flooring. We are using LVP for the main floor almost everywhere. Do I want carpet in our bedroom? Will it feel too cold without it? Can I put LVP up the stairs? Also, transoms. They are a 100% yes for me but I’ve had several other opinions vote no on them so it made me question my beliefs there for a minute. Other things: the exterior. We really need to nail down the exterior and it’s so hard to envision! We are doing gray siding/white trim, no panes in the windows, shutters maybe? Also maybe not? The front doors I like have windows in them so they are great for light but not so great for privacy so do I care about that.

If you have gone through this process please give me advice. Please. Tell me everything.

*updated to add: plans resubmitted. We should hear back in five business days! yay!

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