halloween happenings.

Well I better get caught up before the holidays explode upon us next week. I say that like I haven’t already decorated my house for Christmas about 60%… I don’t understand people’s argument that putting up Christmas is skipping Thanksgiving. No one is skipping Thanksgiving. I promise next Thursday people won’t sit out of dinner because they are too excited for Christmas to come. I can simultaneously enjoy turkey while admiring the twinkle lights across the room. Anyway.

Ohhhhh October. Nearly killed me. I’m exaggerating but it felt like a BIG MONTH. We had Izzie’s birthday and HP party, family photos, a big symphony performance… plus all the regular stuff like harvest festivals, soccer games, meals and homework. A good, solid month. I feel like some of my best work is when we are busy. Almost like I have to prep more to be everywhere and do everything? Like family style Tetris. And I loooove holiday themed things so that stuff felt fun and not hard, though maybe a tiny bit squeezed in there at the end. We made it to the pumpkin patch an hour before close two day before Halloween but WE MADE IT.

Happiest kid.
There was a week where Linc wanted to be HP. He asked me to iron shirts for him so he could wear a tie everyday. He’s hilarious.
Solid soccer season! Despite how this picture looks, Linc improved a lot and had fun with his best friends.
We also had Buster for a few days. Thatcher calls him “Whoa.” and he sobbed when he left.
Best part of my day.
tramp hair


Dr. Grandpa came to Izzie’s class to discuss the eyeball. He’s the best.
Ballet Review for Izzie and Linc. And apparently Thatcher too.


Up like a banana. We used to do this in dance class in the 90’s too.
So proud of her.
Little skeletons! Oh this dance was so great, maybe my favorite one ever. The bones costumes were just a real hit.
School Carnival Day! Linc went as Captain Underpants which could not have been more perfect.
classic linc
Isabelle continued her HP theme as Hermoine.
Could you die over this.


Full stage makeup!

Alright so a couple times a year I play with the Shasta Symphony Orchestra when they need a harp. Turns out, harpists are hard to come by! lol. This is both fun and sort of nerve wracking…It’s not like I practice everyday at this stage in my life… I really like playing, and using this kind of weird but special skill I have developed over basically 2/3rds of my life. It does require some practice and time away from my family though. And it’s odd to be an adult without my children. WHO AM I WITHOUT THEM. One of the pieces we did is a gorgeous violin duet and features quite a bit of harp and I’m really happy with the performance! And was quite relieved when it was over.

Mom took an audio recording of the piece if you are interested.




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