A very Harry birthday

Isabelle is very into Harry Potter this year which excites me as a lover of HP but also as her mom. Reading Harry Potter as a kid was really fun but reading it WITH my kids is totally next level. We’ve read books 1-4 together and we are moving on to book 5 but is it weird that I want to space them out. Like, don’t rush this! You never get this again! Also, I had to wait two YEARS between books and it doesn’t seem fair she gets to reach on the shelf and grab another 700 pages of pure gold, but alas. Earwax.

She decided to be Hermoine for Halloween and asked if her birthday party could be Harry Potter themed. It was like I was waiting my whole life to be asked that question. YES. YES TO ALL THE MAGIC.

We sent out Hogwarts welcome letters as invitations, prepped the house for a Feast, set up some “classes” and even had a sorting ceremony.

So happy professor trelawney could join us
Hobby Lobby had this great paper! It was perfect.
Is she the cutest or what.


We had Professor Sprout’s Veggies, Hufflepuffs (cheetos), Bertie Bot’s Beans, Sorting house cupcakes, and egg sacks (grapes.)
We stuffed the cupcakes with different color m n ms….if they bit into the color cupcake that matched their sorting house- they got a special prize!
shoutout to my mom for lending me a ton of silver for this
Butterbeer! It was actually really good
Isabelle wanted to display her lego hard work, lol
Wand making station
She has the nicest group of friends
Potions Class- this was actually really fun. It was basically slime with some spooky add ins but the instructions were all like a potions class!


Sorting hat ceremony! okay this was fun too- we stuck an old iphone in a pocket inside the hat and Jazz turned the wifi on so he facetimed it…. then he sat in our closet and listened to me talk and responded from inside the hat like he was sorting the kids! It was cute. Everyone took a short quiz upon arrival and based on that they were sorted into houses for their “classes.”
Wand Making


Potions in the dark (totally forgot the sun was gonna set.)
making “pond slime.”
singing to Iz, year nine. 




I really do think this was the most fun party we have ever done! Though I know I’ve said that before… maybe this was extra fun because Isabelle got to help plan it. She picked the activities (though we didn’t get to Pin the Scar on Harry like she wanted.) She helped me do the decorations and go to the party supply store and everything, she’s fun. Also, having this party around Halloween was VERY helpful-spooky stuff doubles as Harry Potter stuff pretty easily.

Isabelle is NINE years old. One more to double digits and I’m pretty sure I will have a heart attack. She is sensitive and kind, thoughtful and helpful. She is a collector of tiny junk, loves to hang on to everything and anything. She is patient with Lincoln when he is a huge turd most of the time and Thatcher idolizes her. Calls her “Bo-ah.” She excels at reading, math and is doing great with her piano studies. We call her the Queen of Accessories because she always has carefully coordinated her outfit with her jewelry, hair bow, purse socks belt shoes everything. She still loves art, she loves anything crafty. Her smile is contagious and when she gets really tired she gets silly and can’t stop laughing.

Isabelle’s favorite food is spaghetti and orange chicken, her favorite fast food is Burrito Bandito. She loves unicorns, sparkly things, and now anything relating to Harry Potter. She is in this sweet in-between stage where she is still so much a child but is learning grown up things and I’m nervous for what is to come- she is growing up before my eyes. She gains more and more independence, and I am so proud of her, but would I wouldn’t give to have an hour with her one year old, two year old, four year old self. I hope she will always tell me knock knock jokes and long, drawn out stories from school and show me all her papers one by one. She has the best ideas and the biggest heart. I’ve always said that she reminds me of my sister Sabrina, and we don’t deserve her goodness. We don’t, she’s so great and we are just over here thankful she joined our party. NINE years ago.

Happy Birthday to our girl.

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