disney caboose

I’m sure you’ve learned by now that my disney blog posts come in threes. I know it’s redundant and probably boring but you should see all the photos I DON’T post. lol.

Day four. Walking to the park.
If you want to make things more challenging, get your kids a stuffed animal with a blanket that detaches and keep track of it for five days at Disneyland.


We look so much alike here. jk.
Waving at his subjects below.


Maybe the last year they can sit on the front of the boat!


Living his best life. Parade. Cotton Candy. Cousins.
reallllly enjoyed this whole situation (also we waited twenty minutes for those cones)


People ask me WHY on earth we keep going back to Disneyland. I give them a short answer like LOL it’s the only place we can take our giant family! But really- it’s all about the magic. Not to be cheesy, but it’s true. Main Street music. Sandy churro hands. Watching my kids’ faces when they see their favorite character in real life. Barely being tall enough for the big rides and holding hands through lap bars and restraints. Letting them pick the special horse on the carousel. Seeing my kids make memories with their cousins, with their aunts and uncles, with the grandparents. Letting them have the freedom to wear some ridiculous dress up around the park. Watching them scour all of the different stores for the most perfect souvenir.  IT IS PURE MAGIC. And as long as it’s still magical, I’m sure we will keep going.




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