McCloud Falls

A couple weeks ago (a month? six weeks? no concept of time.) we drove up north an hour or so to McCloud to hike to the falls. In all the time I’ve lived here, we’ve never been there and WHY. Such a nice hike, not too strenuous for the kids and a beautiful waterfall finale. I told Jazz it was my perfect Saturday.

Thatcher was sick proceeding that weekend and I was desperate to escape my house! We had cooler weather, the best picnic ever, and the kids did like 4 and a half miles on their little legs.

We brought our Yosemite walking sticks and of course Thatcher had to find a tiny one to match.

lower falls

He really wanted to walk the entire way but there were some cliffy stairs and stuff that made me nervous. Not to mention he was trying so hard to keep up he just kept tripping over every little rock! Endearing but also possibly unsafe. 

middle falls

my lil pal! There are few things I love more than when a baby falls asleep in a carrier. I LOVE IT. I mean, he’s not asleep in this pictures but eventually he did fall asleep. Makes me miss the days of the sollywrap.

We packed a pretty epic picnic and then Jazz pulled out an ice cold soda and I wanted to marry him again.

The top of middle falls. 

isn’t this beautiful!

We didn’t quite make it to the upper falls, it was another couple of miles round trip and we knew we had to get the kids back to where we parked the car- but definitely next time! Jazz is sort of an introvert, stay at home kinda guy and I am more of a WHERE CAN WE GO TODAY kind of a gal, and sometimes it’s hard to meet in the middle. He loves me though, and I appreciate when he can turn his homebody self into an adventure dad and take us out into the wilderness. And by wilderness I mean very tame and manicured trail near a stream with parking lot and bathrooms. Baby steps.

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