day at the zoo

Spring Break was 11 days long. I have two feelings about this. Horray! And also, whoa. We planned some activities so we didn’t go stir crazy at home while it rained… 

We took a day to drive down to the Sacramento Zoo- it was Thatcher’s first time seeing big animals and I was definitely that mom filming him most of the day. He just made this super surprised face EVERY TIME he saw any animal and it was too cute. 
We carpooled down with friends which was SO fun. We spent the morning walking around seeing all the animals, had our picnic, and by afternoon we were ready to head out. And by “head out” I mean go to chic fil an and nordstrom’s rack before driving back up north. 
Isabelle loves herself a map. Anywhere we are, she wants a map, she wants to keep track of everything and tell us where to go. I love that about her. Her favorite animal was the snow leopards, we had to go past them three times. 
Linc is pretty happy anywhere as long as his buddies around. His favorite animals were the chimpanzees, mostly because they were pooping and throwing things around the enclosure. 
Thatch, the little dream baby… he loved the flamingos and the giraffes. Both tall animals? Seriously he made a surprise face EVERY TIME he saw an animal- and he said OHHHH. You know, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a toddler, and it just keeps getting more and more fun. 

this face, nine million times

izzies hat. lol.

lunch with a view

I made these.

We found Jazz’s spirit animal.

There’s a snow leopard back there somewhere. 

I think it’s hard to make friends when you’ve got a bunch of kids. Your kids have to like each other, and maybe more importantly– YOU have to like each other. It’s a rare combo when you have kids the same ages that play well together, and the grown ups are equally happy to visit and catch up. I’m just really grateful that I have made a few of these friend-matches, the kind you can do day trips with and swap kids without regret. The kind where sunscreen gets smeared on any nearest limb and enough fruit snacks are passed around for all. I know the term “tribe” is kind of trite and thrown around these days, but I like what it stands for- a group of people caring for one another. Happy to have that in our lives.

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